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New Zealand Road Trip - Day #6

Dunedin - Royal Albatross Centre - Nugget Point - Slope Point - Fortrose (~300km)

Marsha picked me up at my hostel, and then I took over the driving duties to head towards the Royal Albatross Centre in the morning. We didn't know what to expect, but a friend had highly recommended it as a must-see spot in Dunedin.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a storm and fierce winds that made us reconsider our albatross tour plans. The penguin tour was off the table too since it took place at night, and we hadn't realized that sooner. Sometimes, life teaches you lessons the hard way!

Royal Albatross Centre
Fig. 1 — Royal Albatross Centre: Not a single flying bird in sight, just a bunch of wind and seagulls trying their best to impersonate albatrosses.

We decided to move on to our next "touristy" spot: Pak n Save (a supermarket). Yes, we needed groceries before hitting rural areas for a few (well, one) days. With our shopping done, we ventured south along the Southern Scenic Route . Surprisingly, we didn't see many people — maybe we took a wrong turn or something?

First up was Nugget Point, featuring a lighthouse perched on a peninsula along the southern coast. A short, chilly, uphill walk led us to the top, where we enjoyed a breathtaking panoramic view. The sunny weather made the scene perfect.

Nugget Point Lighthouse
Fig. 2 — Nugget Point Lighthouse: A beacon of beauty.
A view from Nugget Point Lighthouse
Fig. 3 — A view worth the uphill battle.

Next, we headed to Slope Point, the southernmost part of the South Island. To reach it, we trekked through a private farm, but it was worth every step.

Slope Point
Fig. 4 — Slope Point: The farthest south I've ever been. Take that, Antarctica!

As the day drew to a close, we made our way to Fortrose for a night of camping. This free, beachside campsite featured stunning sunset views and a generous helping of strong winds.