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New Zealand Road Trip - Day #5

Duntroon - Oamaru - Dunedin (~162km)

We hit the road for Oamaru around 10AM, after soaking up some chill-time at the campground. Oamaru, a neoclassical city, wowed me with its architectural patterns. I'd even say it's the third most photographed city (You know I didn't take many photos) in my journey, after Wellington and Auckland.

The Anglican church in Oamaru
Fig. 1 — The Anglican church in Oamaru, an intriguing sight

We parked our car and strolled the city, making our legs do the work. At the Steampunk HQ, we played with a wicked moving train model called the Steampunk engine. The only catch? It required a $2 coin (hey, every penny counts!).

Steampunk HQ
Fig. 2 — Steampunk HQ with its Steampunk engine & airship

Marsha and I split up to explore; she checked out a local shop while I wandered around, admiring the neo-classical vibe and visiting the train station. We reunited at an amazing bookstore I'd recommend to anyone visiting Oamaru.

A walkpath in Oamaru
Fig. 3 — The path I took in the city, not a yellow brick road but close enough
A train
Fig. 4 — The train, a ride only Thomas could love
A train
Fig. 5 — The bookshop that turned bookworms into book-dragons!

Next, we headed to Moeraki to see the famous Moeraki Boulders on the beach, but unfortunately, I didn't take any photos.

Our final stop was Dunedin, a city with intriguing hilly contours (not for the faint-hearted or weak-legged). We ventured to Baldwin St, the world's steepest street, and tackled the calf-burning "hike."

Baldwin St, the world's steepest street
Fig. 6 — The steepest street in the world (sweating just looking at it)

Exhausted, Marsha dropped me off at my hostel for a well-deserved night's rest, while she stayed at a nearby campground. Who knew exploring could be such a workout?