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New Zealand Road Trip - Day #7

Fortrose - Bluff - Invercargill - Te Anau - Milford Sound (~399km)

I woke up to sunny skies but shivered as the temperature read a mere 6 degrees Celsius. I guess it was the strong southern wind sweeping through the camp that made it feel extra chilly for a tropical person like me.

We began our day heading south to Bluff, the southernmost town in New Zealand, in hopes of enjoying oysters for brunch. Unfortunately, it wasn't the season for oysters, and the restaurant directed us to a seafood place in Invercargill instead. So off we went, fueled by the promise of good food.

After savoring oysters in Invercargill, we drove towards Te Anau and continued straight to Milford Sound. I have to say, the Te Anau - Milford Sound route was my favorite part of this road trip. The best part? I didn't take any pictures because the stunning sights completely captivated me. But trust me, it was unbelievably beautiful.

Milford Sound
Fig. 1 — The only picture I managed to snap that day: Milford Sound's majestic cliff in a portrait orientation to extend this day's narrative.

We arrived at Milford Sound a bit late, around 5 PM, and found that there were no more cruises for the day. So, we had to wait until the next day to hop on one. In the meantime, we drove about 42 km to the nearest campground called Cascade Creek and set up camp for the night there.

A kea
Fig. 2 — A friendly Kea greets us during our journey to the campground. It's also in portrait to extend the narrative.