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New Zealand Road Trip - Day #3

Motukarara - Christchurch - Lake Tekapo (~295km)

We kicked off the day by driving to Diamond Harbour, Lyttelton, and then back to Christchurch. Today was the day I'd finally get my delayed baggage from Christchurch airport (hooray!). But first, we had to wait for the 11AM flight from Queenstown and their notice. So, we decided to visit the Air Force Museum of New Zealand. As a fan of history and planes, this World War-themed museum was right up my alley. The best part? It's free!

Free museum
Fig.1 — Who can say no to a free museum?
Free museum
Fig.2 — Mini air-force ride for the kiddos (not sure why I snapped and shared this, but hey, it's cute!)
Free museum
Fig.3 — Behold, a real NZ air force plane

Post-lunch, we picked up my long-awaited baggage from Christchurch International Airport and hit the road towards Lake Tekapo.

The drive was simply stunning (trust me, even though I didn't snap many pics). It felt like a long journey, especially after just exploring places "not so far" from Christchurch for the past two days.

En route to Lake Tekapo
Fig.4 — En route to Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo

We lucked out, arriving at Lake Tekapo during golden hour with gorgeous sunny weather. Summer's extended golden hours were a treat!

Upon arrival, we strolled over to The Church of the Good Shepherd, nestled on Lake Tekapo's shore. This spot is known for its incredible views of the Milky Way at night, and I couldn't help but think of Wai Tsun's breathtaking wedding photo here.

The Church of the Good Shepherd
Fig.5 — The Church of the Good Shepherd

The crystal-clear water, paired with the majestic backdrop of Mt. Cook, made for an idyllic sunset-viewing spot.

A glimpse of Lake Tekapo
Fig.6 — A glimpse of Lake Tekapo
The stunning Mt. Cook mountain range in the distance
Fig.7 — The stunning Southern Alps in the distance

After soaking in the views, we headed to the campground where I enjoyed my first good hot shower after a while and a plethora of clothing options, thanks to my reclaimed baggage!