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New Zealand Road Trip - Day #1

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Christchurch - Arthur's Pass Village - Springfield (231km-ish)

Guess who finally made it to New Zealand? Me! It's already day four, but who's counting? I can't wait to explore this stunning country I've been dreaming about for ages. The day has finally come, and I'm so ready for this epic adventure!

Today was my first day driving in New Zealand (and my first time driving abroad EVER). Let's just say, getting used to the traffic and rules has been a wild ride, especially coming from Indonesia where traffic rules are more like "suggestions." To top it off, Q-airline delayed my baggage, so my wardrobe is a bit limited right now.

Thankfully, my friend Marsha is joining me on this road trip, so I won't be causing chaos solo. Our first mission: hitting up Pak 'n Save, a popular Kiwi supermarket, to stock up on snacks and drinks for the journey. And you bet we had Nando's for lunch - finger-licking good! (This is not a sponsored post, I swear)

Next stop: Arthur's Pass Village, nestled right in the heart of the Southern Alps. It was all farms and sheep along the way, making me feel like I was truly in New Zealand.

On the road to Arthur's Pass Village
Fig.1 — On the road to Arthur's Pass Village

Arthur's Pass Village

Arthur's Pass Village
Fig.2 — Arthur's Pass Village

Arthur's Pass Village is a tiny town in the mountains is a hotspot for hikers and thrill-seekers. We couldn't explore much, but we did pop into the Arthur's Pass National Park Visitor Centre and took a breather at the local train station.


Our home for the night was a cozy campground in Springfield, a quaint little town sandwiched between Christchurch and Arthur's Pass Village. We rolled in a bit late, but hey, that's all part of the adventure!