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Asset & Liability in Tasks

Published at 6 Oct 2022 • 2 min read


I read an article about passive productivity yesterday that inspired me to think about my productivity in a new way.

The article said that, just like in finance, there are assets and liabilities when it comes to tasks. A liability is a task that doesn't necessarily lead to productivity, while an asset is a task that is continually productive. This made me reflect on my own productivity and realize that most of my tasks are more of a liability than an asset.

To make the best use of my time, I need to create tasks that are assets. An asset task is a task that is leading to continual productivity. For example, instead of just going to the swimming pool once, I could subscribe to a swimming pool membership for 3 months. This would be an asset task because it would lead to continual productivity (i.e., I would go to the swimming pool more often because I feel “forced” to go).

Another thing that is a good example of the asset task is weekly meal prep, this will create healthy food options all week long, and this definitely leads to productivity as well.

Do you have any asset tasks that you do on a regular basis?